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Today is Chace’s 31st birthday today. We here at Chace Crawford Source would like to wish him a happy birthday and hope he has an amazing birthday. Feel free to leave birthday wishes for Chace.

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I’ve added over 3,000 1080p screen captures of Chace from the movie Twelve that he did with Nico Tortorella, Emma Roberts and 50 Cent. I am aware that the screencaptures are a little out of order and I realize that I probably will need to fix them and either re-cap them or change the file names somehow. If anyone knows how, I would really appericate it if you could contact me here with the subject Twelve Screencaptures so I know it’s not spam.

Gallery Links:
– Home > Movie Production > Twelve > Movie Screencaptures: Blu-Ray

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Please be aware that some of these screencaptures contain nudity. You have been warned. I’ve added screencaptures from Chace’s appearance on his recurring role as Byron in Casual. Please enjoy the screencaptures!

Gallery Links:
– Home > TV Production > Causal > 3×04: The Sprout
– Home > TV Production > Causal > 3×05: Look at Me

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Gallery Links:
– Home > Screencaptures > Talk Shows > The Ellen DeGeneres Show: November 18, 2008

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I am going thru Youtube videos and trying to screencapture interview with Chace. Sadly, these screencaptures aren’t that great from the Ellen Show back in 2007 (Almost 10 years ago). I will be adding more screencaptures soon!

Gallery Links:
– Home > Screencaptures > Talk Shows > The Ellen DeGeneres Show: December 10th, 2007

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It’s been awhile since I’ve updated the site with photos and I never gave up on it. I decided to screencap the last two episode giving the ‘Blood & Oil’ section come to a fruitful completion. You’ll find all press stills, photoshoots, and screencaptures of the first and only complete series of ‘Blood and Oil’. It was such a good show, but sadly very short.

Gallery Links:
– Home > TV Production > Blood & Oil Season 1 Screencaptures > 1×09: Art of the Deal
– Home > TV Production > Blood & Oil Season 1 Screencaptures > 1×10: Departures

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