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Today is Chace’s 31st birthday today. We here at Chace Crawford Source would like to wish him a happy birthday and hope he has an amazing birthday. Feel free to leave birthday wishes for Chace.

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After all this time we are back. I took my time redoing everything and adding all the photos back into the gallery. There are a few things missing in the gallery and they are:

• Missing Blood and Oil screencaptures
• Photoshoots

but there are tons of added stuff:

• Blood and Oil Stills
• Updated Public Appearances

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It seems when I tried to update the files in the gallery it deleted everything and started from scratch. I am currently working on re-uploading the gallery and it will be down for the next couple of days. I hope to have it up soon. Sorry for the issues this may cause.

Update: I am having to do the gallery by scratch so therefore the gallery will have a new url. I am currently re-uploading all the files and then will have to make the albums. This might be awhile for the gallery to be back up. I’m super sorry. I tried to get the gallery to work. I will be re-launching a better gallery with a new layout and a new site layout when it launches.

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Welcome to Chace Crawford Source, the newest & only fansite dedicated to the amazingly talented actor Chace Crawford!

Chace Crawford Source will provide you with all the latest news, media and other updates on our favorite actor. Check back frequently for all the latest on Chace Crawford!

Our gallery already has more than 6,000 photos. We still have so much more to add, be sure to take a look every day because we’re uploading pictures on a daily basis.

I hope you enjoy the website!

Please feel free to leave any comments and feedback. It would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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