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The Covenant‘s Chace Crawford, Wrong Turn‘s Eliza Dushku, Tropic Thunder‘s Brandon T. Jackson and Final Destination 5‘s PJ Byrne star in Eloise as four friends who break into an abandoned insane asylum in search of a death certificate; however, finding it soon becomes the least of their worries in a place haunted by dark memories.

While there’s no U.S. date set, the Robert Legato-directed psychological thriller opens in the UK next February. Because of the international release, we now have a series of art and a pair of trailers that share the first footage from the pic, penned by Chris Borrelli (Vatican Tapes).

“The film is set in a defunct insane asylum known as “Eloise.” Four friends break into the abandoned institution in hopes of finding a death certificate, which will provide Jacob (Crawford) with the rights to a sizable inheritance. While inside the asylum, the group not only finds that the institution houses a horrifying history but also the truth about their own tragic pasts. They’re shooting in the Eloise Insane Asylum which was one of the largest mental institutions in the world. What began as one building in Westland, MI in 1832, rapidly grew into a 78-building self-sustained city, complete with its own fire and police departments, train station, post office and farms. Eloise closed its doors in 1982, and has since been dormant and left to ruin.”

The pic is a co-production between Slam Productions, Vinson Films and Legato, who has won two Oscars for visual effects work on Hugo and Titanic.

The second trailer shows more Chace, but has subtitles but is in English. I will try and screen cap them this weekend if I have some time along with updating the gallery with missing events and candids of him out and about. Chace has been very quite so that is why the site hasn’t been updated.

Eloise Movie by teasertrailer

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It’s been awhile since I’ve updated the site and I never gave up on it. I have tons of photos uploaded onto the server but I’ve just been too lazy to add them. Most of them are several candids from this year. I’ve finally gotten around to re-capping the episodes of Blood and Oil that we are missing. For some reason I didn’t have them on my portable hard-drive thus causing me to re-cap them. Here are episodes 1×06-1×08

Gallery Links:
– Home > TV Production > Blood & Oil Season 1 Screencaptures > 1×06: Convergence
– Home > TV Production > Blood & Oil Season 1 Screencaptures > 1×07: Fight or Flight
– Home > TV Production > Blood & Oil Season 1 Screencaptures > 1×08- Rats, Bugs and Moles

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I’ve added some-what DVD quality screen captures of Chace’s new movie titled “Undrafted” which is out on I-Tunes right now. Once I can get my hands on the high-def version I will replace those with them. I also have added HQ stills and posters from the film that Chace and his brother-in-law produced.

Movie Productions > Undrafted

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Public Appearances > 2016 > July 11th: Premiere Of Vertical Entertainment’s Undrafted x28

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Blood & Oil Season 1 > Episode Screencaptures > 1×08: Rats, Bugs and Moles x362

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Blood & Oil Season 1 > Episode Screencaptures > 1×07: Fight or Flight x447

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