Reasons Why Many Players Want to Cancel GamStop

If you are from the UK and gamble in local casinos, you might be surprised to get to know one thing. In most countries, there are no organizations that carry out the GamStop functions. They find other ways to prevent gambling addiction. Many people in Britain are unhappy with GamStop and began to play at casinos not on GamStop UK. They suggest that the government should close this organization and adopt foreign experience.

How Does GamStop Function

This is a governmental initiative that all UK online casinos need to collaborate with. It makes sure that gambling platforms play fair, honestly pay out the winnings and meticulously comply with the legislation. Besides, it helps people to combat gambling addiction. Players can apply to GamStop, indicating their full personal data and contact details, and ask to temporarily ban them from gambling. Some customers say that this organization indeed helped them to control their expenses and avoid excessive stress. But many others criticize GamStop for being too rigid — and sometimes too late.

What Foreign Casinos Do to Prevent Gambling Addiction

More and more platforms today enable their clients to self-exclude right from their accounts. But that would be the last measure. People can start with setting their daily, weekly and monthly expenditure limits. Once they reach the limit, the system will not allow them to make a single stake. But once this period is over, they will be able to gamble again. Besides, they can set limits for the time that they spend on the platform every day, week or month.

Such time frames are much more reasonable than what GamStop offers. This organization excludes people from gambling for 6 months, 1 year or 5 years. That might be too long! During that period, the person will not be able to make a single stake in any UK casino. Meanwhile, if you self-exclude on a foreign gambling platform, you will not be allowed to gamble only on that particular site. But no one will prevent you from signing up to a new casino and playing there.

Some projects do not offer self-exclusion options in user profiles. Customers need to get in touch with the administrators and ask them to temporarily close their accounts.

Yet the wisest approach is to ask newbies to set their limits upon registration. When filling in the sign-up form, casino newcomers should indicate their personal data, contact details, preferred language and currency — and expenditure limits. This seems to be the most flexible and sensible solution. The player will have fewer chances to become addicted to the platform. This is the essence of true prevention. What GamStop does is a rather brute attempt to eliminate addiction that is already present — which is much harder.

Once a player self-excludes, they might regret it. If they get in touch with GamStop once again and ask to cancel their decision, the organization will not listen to them. In this case, the gambler will just sign up for a foreign casino — and gamble there with fewer security guarantees. Is it what GamStop wants to achieve?

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